Warehousing & Distribution

We can stage, store, cross-dock and break-out your shipments for multiple deliveries. By the day, week, month, quarter or yearly – your goods are safe in our secure facility.

Short-Term or Long-Term Warehousing, Cross-Docking and Fulfillment Services

  • Expecting a delivery and your warehouse is already full? Eveready Express has room in our warehouse.
  • Have freight arriving at the airport but can’t pick it up right away and would like to avoid excessive storage fees? Eveready Express can pick up your freight and store it until you’re ready.
  • Have excess inventory planning for peak or transitional stocking? Save your space and store your inventory with us.
  • Have a large shipment coming in that has to be broken down into smaller individual deliveries? We’re standing by to receive your shipment and get it prepared for delivery.
  • Have a large delivery for NYC and you don’t want to navigate the streets and traffic? We’re in and out of NYC every day so why don’t you drop it off at our warehouse and we’ll take it from there.
  • Require routed or scheduled services for your inventory? Store and stage with us and confidently rely on our routed and scheduled delivery service.

Don’t see a solution to your particular warehouse or distribution challenges? Just give us a call at (973) 928-8998 and we’ll work with you to create a cost-effective solution.