Five College Care Package Necessities

With Summer finally here, it’s time to start planning ahead for the next big step in your beloved young adult’s (they’re not children anymore!)  life.  We know there’s a lot to consider when sending your kid off to college and it’s easy to overlook essentials for student living. At Eveready Express we’re about more than transporting material items — We’re about delivering peace of mind.

To help you and your shining student prepare for college life, we’ve made a list of items to include in a college care package.

  • Picture Frames –  College student’s love to put picture on their wall that remind them of home. Although some students might seem content with some scotch tape or a thumb tack,  picture frames are a great  (and potentially cheap) way to add fung shui to a dorm room.
  • Homemade Food – Nothing is more comforting to a student away from home for the first time  than your home cooked food made with love. Cookies, granola, and other dry snacks are a great place to start.
  • Toiletries – Sometimes something as simple as a package containing soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and other hygiene essentials are a great way to save your student some time and money.
  • Clothes – New attire is always a great way to kick off the transformation of stages in one’s life. New clothes can be both necessary and practical and can also serve as a confidence booster to a young adult trying to make new friends.
  • Cooking Supplies –  Cooking supplies are a notable investment to consider.  Buying food out adds up and school cafeteria food can be repetitive and bland. In addition, developing cooking skills at a young age will help prepare a student for living an independent adult life.

We understand that situations arise where shipping just can’t wait. At Eveready Express, we offer various courier options to best fit you and your families needs.