Is Messengering For You?

Looking for a job that offers a different view every day? Tired of sitting at desk punching numbers from nine to five? Working as a messenger for a same day shipping service could be the perfect job for you.

Messenger services offer workers the chance to explore the world around them, meet new people every day and learn the ropes of your city while providing a stable employment environment. For those with a free spirit mentality, this might be the perfect position. Think it sounds interesting? Consider these three factors before applying.

Three Factors To Consider Before Applying:

  • Physical Health: Messengering is a physically demanding job, particularly when you work for a company that offers same day shipping. You will be expected to move quickly on your feet the entire day. Those with chronic medical conditions may find themselves unable to keep up with the demands placed upon them.
  • Organizational Skills: Are you naturally an organized person? Are you able to immediately prioritize a day’s itinerary? If so, working as a messenger or courier will suit you well. Those less organizationally inclined will struggle with ensuring that every package arrives when and where it is supposed to without complication.
  • Flexibility: Do you work best with a set daily schedule? Or, are you able to withstand unforeseen changes in the day’s plans? Messengering for a same day delivery service often involves last minute changes to the day’s plan. A successful messenger can tolerate this uncertainty without letting it throw chaos into the day’s mix.

If these sound like qualities you possess, visit Eveready’s website to inquire about openings.