Outsource Your Medical and Lab Specimen Delivery

Aside from regular courier services, Eveready’s team is trained in transporting critical medical supplies, medicine, laboratory specimens, transplant organs and medical records in the NY/NJ area.

We provide this service because it has recently become more popular for hospitals and medical clinics to outsource their delivery needs instead of doing it in house.

Some of the reasons for this are:

The risk factors associated with having an in-house delivery fleet often outweigh the benefits. The company’s insurance premiums rise steadily due to accidents that may occur on the road and the liability is not worth it for them. When outsourcing the provider of these logistics services takes on the responsibility.

Providers are experts on courier and delivery services. They have experience in sophisticated route planning techniques, ensuring the delivery is as efficient as possible. Courier messenger services usually have better on-time performance using fewer drivers, making it more cost-effective for the company.

Delivery service providers have sophisticated real-time tracking systems that most labs are unable to invest in. This ensures real-time data is available to the lab/clinic to keep it up to date on the delivery progress.