Professional Staff at Eveready


Far too many businesses rely on fly-by-night courier services. These services employ bike messengers who are often college students or those who are simply trying to make a quick buck. They show up to your office late, drenched in sweat and with an attitude. Is that really someone you want to deal with? Is that even someone you want in your office?

It is also worth noting that a bike might not be the safest way to move a package from point A to point B. Sensitive materials such as laboratory samples require an expert’s touch. We pride ourselves on the expert level of care provided by our couriers. These are not college kids home for the summer. These people make up our full-time staff, many of whom have been with us for upwards of a decade.

Our couriers can take the guesswork out of having a package sent somewhere by confirming with you the moment the package is signed for. Our air-conditioned vans are a safe place for your most sensitive packages, and we can deal with almost any sort of package, including medical and lab samples.

Call us today to arrange your next pickup. Don’t take another chance with a low-rent courier service!