Springtime Packaging Materials

tissueAs you’re sending out your packages this season, considered adding some springtime materials to the mix. After the winter that we had, any touch of color will make a person smile. Wondering where to begin? Below are some of our ideas.

1. Pastel Tissue Paper – Pastels define Spring. You can stuff your bags and boxes with tissue paper for package protection and effect. Want to make your package even brighter? Combine colors.

2. Floral Wrapping Paper – Using wrapping paper is a perfect package addition, especially when you’re dealing with same-day shipping.

3. Green Crinkle Cut Shred – Why green you ask? We chose green to symbolize grass. Fill your packages with this green shred, to replace bubble wrap and add a fresh spring look.

So when you use our courier services to send mom a package this weekend, be sure to add some color.