Uninterrupted Delivery Service – Even With No Phones or Power

Thursday, February 19th, 2015, there we were, Customer Service, Dispatch, Accounts and Sales, ready for another day at the office. But this wasn’t going to be another routine day. We lost power in our building, so we had no lights, no computers, no Internet, no phone system and no coffee machine. The first reaction is usually a whirlwind of emotions from confusion to frustration, but thankfully we are a great team and everyone jumped right in to tackle the problem from different angles.
  • Find out who is working on the problem and if it will it be corrected immediately?
  • Calling building management and utilities company for status updates.
  • Find nearest location with Wi-Fi access where we can immediately convene to maintain continuity of our operation.
  • Find alternative temporary office space in case the situation does not resolve quickly.
  • Call drivers and other resources to let them know what is going on, and instruct them to use alternate phone numbers to stay in communication.
  • Call key clients to let them know what is going on and offer alternate phone numbers to stay in communication.

We were advised that this power outage was not going to resolve the same day, so we grabbed our Disaster Plan, cell phones, notebooks, laptops, and anything else we would need to continue to work remotely.  We headed over to Panera Bread nearby and huddled around a group of tables, ordered some warm soup and sandwiches and accessed our business systems through Panera’s Wi-Fi.We did not let the power outage stop or slow us down! We pulled together as a team to avoid any disruption in service. You were our top priority! We’ve been through challenging times like this before – a.k.a. Sandy in October 2012, so we were prepared for this challenge.

This recent power outage in our building lasted from Thursday, February 19th through Tuesday, February 24th. Thanks to the dedicated and flexible team at Eveready Express, our customers experienced continuity in their service. We continued to make scheduled and rushed deliveries with the same efficiency and focus as we do on any other day.

Why it worked:

  • Experienced and dedicated team.
  • Disaster recovery plan in place so we knew exactly what to do.
  • We’re in the cloud with our ordering and dispatch operating system, so there was no loss of data and the continued ability for our clients to order and track online and for us to dispatch and continue all other aspects of running the business without interruption.
  • Communications plan – you probably got our email updates and alternate phone numbers to call.

We recognize that we aren’t in control of the challenges that present themselves, but we are in control of how we respond. We’ve got a well thought out backup plan; we’ve got an amazing team of dedicated people willing to go the extra mile (or two or three); we’ve invested in delivery technology that enhances our performance and protects our operation. We are a winning team and proud to be of service.

If you are already an Eveready Express client, then you probably didn’t even realize that we were operating on our emergency plan.  If you aren’t yet a client, this is just one example of how resilient, resourceful and committed we are. This is a part of what we mean when we say “We Deliver Peace of Mind”.

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